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What does my plan manager do?

A plan manager handles the administration of paying service providers for supports delivered. They also help you manage your NDIS funds to reduce the potential for overspending.

What is the difference between self-managed, plan managed or NDIA managed?

Self-managed plan - you are responsible for all the administration associated with your plan including paying providers and applying for reimbursements from the NDIS. You have the control and flexibility to choose supports that are in line with your plan and negotiate the costs. Plan managed plan - you appoint a plan manager to look after the financial and administrative aspects of your plan for you. You'll have the flexibility to choose the service providers for your plan and they can negotiate the provider fees on your behalf. NDIA managed plan - NDIA pays your providers directly and manages your budget. You can only use registered providers and you can't negotiate prices to help you stretch your funds further.

What is the difference between a plan manager and a support coordinator?

A plan manager helps you manage the financial aspect of your plan. They pay your providers and provide you with financial reporting. A support coordinator helps you find, choose and implement supports that are included in your NDIS plan.

How do I change NDIS plan managers?

You can choose or change your plan manager at any time during your plan. Here are the simple steps to change your manager: 1. Call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and notify them of your intentions to change plan managers. 2. Register with your new plan manager and complete the required paperwork. 3. Get in touch with your current plan manager to cancel your service.

Can I change from NDIS managed plan to plan-managed?

Yes, you can change from an NDIS managed plan to enlist the help of a plan manager at any time. All you need to do is contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and make the request to change.

How much does an NDIS plan manager cost?

You don't have to pay your NDIS plan manager and you won't have any money taken from your NDIS fund either. NDIA supports plan manager services by adding additional funds to your plan. These funds cover the costs of your plan manager.